Friday, January 30, 2009

The end of another week

Well, not much news to really report. My facilitator did email me yesterday to let me know that she received the paperwork I sent to her. It is good to know it made it there safely. She is going to take everything over to the SDA on Mon. and have the head of the law department review what we sent to make sure everything is correct. Hopefully they won't find any problems, but if they do we will have time to correct them and send the corrections to Ukraine when we finally send our I-171H.

I am feeling pretty frustrated today. January is about over and the SDA is starting to accept new dossiers this Monday (Feb. 2). Our dossier is not complete, so we are not able to submit it yet. It is not complete because of one piece of paper! Those of you that know me know that patience is not something that comes easy for me. When I want something I go after it and get it done. I also like being in control. Up to this point I had control of what was going on with our adoption. I made the phone calls, got the paperwork, did the running around, etc. that was necessary to get our dossier together. I knew what was going on and where I was in the process. With this last paper we are waiting for (I-171H), I have no control. I don't know when it is coming. I don't know where we are in the pile of applications to be processed, etc. Every day I open the mailbox hoping there will be something, anything from the USCIS. They sure were quick to cash our check though! So, I am praying for patience. The paper will get here when it gets here and then our dossier will be complete. I guess this is actually good practice for what is to come with this adoption. From now on I pretty much have no control over how the rest of this will go. I have no control over how quickly our dossier will be submitted or when we will travel or what children's files we will be shown at our appointment. I have no control over how long it will take to get a court date once we are in Ukraine or how long our child's passport will take or how long I will be in Ukraine. So, I guess I should get used to it now and hopefully I will find some way to "accept the things that I can not change".

On a positive note, Morgan doesn't have a cheerleading competition this weekend so we are going to spend time working on the bedroom for our new daughter!

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