Friday, February 27, 2009

Waiting and waiting and waiting....

Well the last Friday I posted about being frustrated with waiting for the USCIS I received a letter in the mail from them the next Monday and then our fingerprinting appointments later that week. So, on this Friday I am going to post again about being frustrated with waiting for the USCIS and see if we get anything next week.

We are still waiting for our I-171H approval. My dossier has been complete for over a month except for this one piece of paper. My facilitator has everything else in Ukraine already translated and notarized, so we are just waiting for this last thing. Tuesday will only be two weeks since we were fingerprinted, but it has been 2 months since I sent my application and 1 1/2 months since I sent them my homestudy. If they go by my fingerprinting appointment then it could be another month or so until we receive our approval, but if they go by when they received our homestudy then we could have the approval within the next couple of weeks. We have no idea where we are in the pile to be reviewed. I wish there was a way to get some type of update as to where we are but we really have no idea.

So, we wait and we pray for patience and for the people at the USCIS to pick up our application and approve us quickly.


  1. I pray that you will get that I-171H soon! Before you know it, you'll be on the plane to Ukraine!

    Love, Paula

  2. Hi. I saw your post on the RR yahoo group and wanted to say hi!