Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vote on international adoption moratorium coming soon

You have heard me mention in my previous posts about the rumors of a moratorium on international adoptions in Ukraine. The rumor had been that there were talks of this happening in the fall. Well, the latest news is that the parliament in Ukraine will vote on this on June 2, a week from today.

No one is really sure what this will all mean. We will have more information after the vote. Until then, please pray that this vote does not pass. Please pray for all of the children and families that stand in limbo waiting to hear what the outcome will be. Pray for the hearts of the members of parliament to see that stopping international adoption does not benefit the children in the orphanages waiting for families.


  1. We're praying in French Camp, Mississippi!!! Are eager for an update of what happens!!!

  2. Jamie,
    We are in Ukraine right now waiting for our court date for our two sons. We are in a complete panic over this. Do have any official websites that give more information about this? Things are so different here....I'm finding it hard to find out what the expected outcome is, etc
    Thanks for sharing the prayer request. We've even been told that there's a chance that we would be sent home without our sons.
    Marsha Whaley

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I invited you to my private blog- let me know if you don't get the invite! I'd love to know who you are adopting! email me!