Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Okay - I'm ready

I'm more than ready for the baby to be here. I'm not due until December 10, but she has been measuring big all along so hopefully she will make her appearance a little sooner. On ultrasound last Friday she measured an estimated weight of 8lbs. 3 ozs.

I guess technically I'm not completely ready for her to come - I still have some Christmas decorations I'd like to get up and some shopping done before she comes, but physically I'm ready for her to be here. I have enjoyed this pregnancy and it really has gone fast, but now that I'm in the final stretch I'm impatient.

So, anytime you're ready Avery!


  1. Blessings on you and sweet Avery!

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming addition! I bet your girls are so excited to have a baby!!!! Praying that all will go smoothly!

  3. I was just checking in to make sure she didn't make an early appearance! I think of you so often. Can't wait to know you have your newest beautiful girl in your arms! :)