Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prayer request

Please pray for us! As you know from my other posts, our dossier has been complete since the middle of January except for one paper that we are waiting for from OUR government. Well, we received an email this weekend from our facilitator in Ukraine marked URGENT. Ukraine only accepts so many dossier for international adoptions each year. Our facilitator said that we need to get this final paper to her ASAP because we are running out of time to submit for a 2009 adoption. I tried email the office that is handling this paper, but have not received a response from them. When I call the phone number all I get is a recording that says they take phone calls on Wednesdays between 1pm-4pm. So, please pray that I am able to speak to someone tomorrow afternoon and that they are able to get this paper to me right away. If I don't get a good response from them tomorrow I will be calling our Congressman's office to see if they can help us.


  1. A few people have told me they couldn't post a comment on my blog, so I am trying myself to see what is going on.

  2. Jaime, I am sorry for this latest development. Were you able to talk to someone? Prayers continue, hon. (((((Hugs)))))
    Love you,
    Cindi Dickey

  3. The Nun's and I will be praying that things will smooth out soon for you. The bathroom is so cute. Keep up the good work.