Wednesday, March 18, 2009

USCIS update

Well, it's not really much of an update since I don't have much information, but I thought I should at least fill you in on what is going on since my last post.

I did speak to someone at USCIS last Wednesday and then again today. I found out last week that one of the copies I sent them as documentation they needed the original of. I wish I knew why someone could not have contacted me and told me this, but I have no idea. I also found out that they are waiting for one more thing from the state which they have requested but have not received yet. I was able to overnight the original of the document they needed to them last week. I confirmed when I spoke to them today that they did receive the document that I sent but are still waiting on this one other thing from the state. She said she would "look into it" for me and see if they could speed up the process. I don't know if I have too much faith in her looking into it.

Once they have this last paper they need our file will be sent to the person that issues the approvals. I have no idea how long it will take that person to issue the approval once they have the file, but the person I spoke to today said she would let them know we needed it ASAP.

So, please continue to pray that they get this last paper and then our approval comes quickly after. I will be calling again next Wednesday to see if they have made any progress.

On another note - there is another wonderful family here in NJ (Gloucester County actually) that I have "met" while going through this process. They are also adopting from Ukraine and are adopting two special needs children. They have also been waiting for this I-171H approval and they have been waiting for a month longer than we have. Their little boy Luke turns 4 in April and since he has Down Syndrome he is at risk of being sent to a mental institution when he turns 4. Unfortunately this is how Ukraine works. The children are in baby homes until they turn 4. When they turn 4 they are either transfer to boarding school type internats or to mental institutions if they are special needs. These institutions are horrible places and no place that any child, no matter what their disability, should ever have to go. Please keep this family in your prayers that they will get their approval quickly and will be able to get to Ukraine for their children before they are transferred! They have contacted both the congressman's office and the senators' offices and have not received any help from them.

Also, if you have any contacts with Homeland Security, USCIS, Congressman Rob Andrew's office, Senator Lautenberg's office or Senator Menendez's office please let me know!

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  1. Hope you get your approval soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Can I add you to my blogroll?