Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's confirmed

Victoria only has one kidney. I was pretty confident that this information was correct because we felt that she actually received pretty good medical care in Ukraine, but it was nice to have it confirmed (via ultrasound). I have heard many stories of parents that find all kind of false or missing information in their child's medical history once they come home. So far, everything we were told in Ukraine has been correct.

Victoria only has her left kidney. It is larger than a normal kidney, but they say this is what it is supposed to do since it is doing the work of what two would normally do. The ureter that leads from the kidney to the bladder looks completely normal too. We have an appt. with the nephrologist on March 5 to go over the results of the ultrasound in more detail and to form a plan of how they want to follow her.

We also stopped by the pediatric infectious disease doctor's office to have some blood work done. They are going to call me with the results.

I am planning on doing a post coming up (including pictures) about Victoria's medicine routine. I think I might wait until we see the doctor again on March 22 though, so that I can include some pictures of her at their office to show what that visit entails too. I think it might give a better example of exactly what living with HIV means for our family.


  1. I cant wait for that post! I love that youre so open to sharing! It will help many families, no doubt!

  2. I was born with only one kidney as well. I am 23 and have never had a single complication. The human body is an amazing thing and compensates as needed.