Friday, February 12, 2010

All is well

We completed the first two weeks on the 1/2 dose of Victoria's medication and are 3 days into the full dose, and all is well. Victoria shows no signs at all of any side effects to this medication. She is her normal (although a bit crazy) self. She has a normal appetite, no stomach complaints, no fatigue and no jaundice.

The next test will be when she has her bloodwork drawn on the 22nd. This will tell us if the medicine is working as it should. Hopefully we will see that her viral load has gone down and that this medicine is working. I am praying that this will be the case because after the first set of medicine this seems too good to be true. As long as the bloodwork comes back okay, it looks like we have found a combination that is working and something that Victoria could be on for a long time.

We also have an appt. for Victoria to have a renal ultrasound on the 22nd before we go over for her bloodwork. Then on March 5th she will be seeing the Pediatric Nephrologist. This is all just to evaluate her kidney (because she was born with only one) and make sure it is functioning normally. We have no reason to think that she will have any kidney related issues, but especially because of the medication she is on, we want to see the nephrologist. They will decide how often she needs to be seen and I would also like to discuss if there are any precautions we should take with things like sports, etc. We are thinking about signing her up for spring soccer!


  1. So glad to hear its going well. Every time I think of her and the meds she takes, I picture the little girl, spotted with a rash, so this is MUCH better news! (I need to toughen up, because that pic was so sad and I know you said she wasnt in pain or anything)
    Is the point of this med to bring her viral load to 0? Is that possible?

  2. Glad to hear it's going well, fellow Disney lover! Any tips for me on taking a small child? Yay for booking your fall trip! I actually hate Halloween, but I was at Disney Labor Day 2008 and some of the fall decorations were nice... especially the ones on the Magic Kingdom Train station. If you do like Halloween, look into getting tickets for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.