Tuesday, April 6, 2010


After a long and snowy winter, spring has finally arrived. It brought with it some of my favorite things.

Like trips to the zoo...

(where we encountered possibly the ugliest chicken ever)

(I'm not sure what's up with the strange face Victoria is making)

And sisters having fun playing at the park outside of the zoo

And girls driving each other up and down the driveway pretending they are going shopping, or to a friend's house, or off on some great adventure - but knowing their adventure can not drive any further than the last telephone pole down the driveway before they have to turn around and return home.

And brightly colored Easter eggs in baskets

And sweet little girls in pretty Easter dresses

(Morgan had to make sure to get her strange face in too)

And sitting out by the water fishing with Daddy

And the joy of a little girl catching her very first fish

Welcome Spring!


  1. Your girls are too cute for words! And Miss Victoria is seriously catching up to her sister in the height department! Must be nice with clothes! I love thier Easter dresses!

  2. I absolutely love seeing your pictures, because I see Victoria and it's like a glimpse into what Isabel might be like in a couple years! What happy sisters!

  3. Wow - I can't believe how tall V is getting. And they look so much like bio sisters! Wish I could go for a ride in that convertible Mustang!

  4. Hi, My husband and I are considering adopting a Ukrainian child with HIV. Any chance that you'd have time to answer some quick questions for me? My email address is MMorris87@gmail.com Thanks!

  5. We are also interested in adopting a child that is HIV+. I have been following your blog and would love to ask a few questions if you have the time. Is there a good email address to contact you? Can you recommend a list of health questions to ask when we go to the orphanage in Ukraine?

  6. Anonymous - I would be happy to answer any questions for you. I hope you see this because I didn't have a name or way to contact you. You can email me at jhosford0818@yahoo.com