Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bad blogger

I have been very bad at keeping the blog updated and I'm sorry! My desktop has some kind of virus and I haven't had a chance to take it over to get fixed yet. I have been using my laptop, which is really just a net book, so it is slow and frustrating to do much more than check emails.

I want to give the blog a new look, so that will be coming soon I hope. I also have a few posts I have wanted to do about things like school, what it means for Victoria living with HIV at this point, Victoria's first trip to the beach and some other news I have to share. So, hopefully in the next few days or so I will be able to get some of that accomplished.

To the anonymous poster that left a comment on my last post - I did leave a comment back, but I'm not sure if you saw it. You did not leave a name or any contact information, but I would be happy to speak with you about adopting a child with HIV if you want to email me at jhosford0818@yahoo.com.

1 comment:

  1. We have missed your posts! Cant wait to see what is yet to come...