Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm here and well

Sorry for the delay in posting. I arrived in Kiev safely on Sunday afternoon. Monday morning we went to the orphanage and I got to meet all of Sherry's precious babies! They are the sweetest children. I didn't get to see Victoria's groupa, but we will be there again tomorrow so hopefully then. I did get to see the director and say hi and he was very happy about how well Victoria is doing.

We spent the day today picking up new birth certificates and applying to change the tax ID numbers. We hope to apply for passports tomorrow. Keep Sherry and her children in your prayers that there will be no bumps in the road and people will be willing to do their jobs (that is not always the case here).

Sorry, no pictures on today's post, but now that I have mobile internet at the apartment I'll try to make sure to get some posted tomorrow.

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