Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The kids

We took the Metro to the orphanage this morning for a visit. It was kind of rainy so they had all the kids under their little play huts. As soon as we walked in I saw the kids from Victoria's groupa. I was happy to see that one of the caregivers I knew from last summer that speaks pretty good English was with the group. I went over to say hi and showed her some pictures of Victoria. She was very happy to see the pictures. One of the little boys, Kolya, that Victoria talks about a lot looked at the pictures and asked where she was. The caregiver explained that she was home with her Daddy and sister, but he obviously remembered her. As I was walking away I waived goodbye and that same little boy blew me a kiss! Break my heart!!!

Here are the kids. The little girl in the picture (Zoya) has a family that is here now completing their process and she will be going home next week!

Sherry got the tax ID #s for the kids taken care of today and will be taking them for their passports tomorrow! Things are moving along.

Morgan this picture is for you - this is the very, very long escalator Mommy has to take down to the Metro and then back up when we are coming back. Do you think you could do this one???


  1. i do not know how i should feel about that picture of those lost angels. it has been about a year and it feels like yesterday that we were there.jaime please give them all a hug and kiss for us, and we will pray someday they will be free like all of us. joe,morgan,and veka.

  2. Oh, the boys are so adorable! But they look sad. Only Zoya looks happy - and she should be since she is going home with her family soon! Yeah!!! But those boys need families so badly :( And soon...

  3. Oh those sad faces break my heart! Please someone come rescue them! I love knowing that Zoya is coming home with us but I can hardly bear the thought of what will happen to the others. Have you had a chance to talk to the director about listing them on RR? I have so many sweet photos of them, and stories to share, if we could just somehow get the word out about them. :(