Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have recently taken on the responsibilities as the HIV Family Coordinator and Support Liaison for Reece's Rainbow. This has really started me thinking about my responsibilities to the waiting children and the families that are in the process of adopting.

One thing that I am vowing to do better is to advocate for these children and families. So, I will be doing posts occasionally to introduce either a waiting child or a family in the process. If you feel led to help financially that is always greatly appreciated, but prayer and spreading the word is just as important.

The child I am going to start with is Marat. He is an older boy and doesn't have much time. Please click on his picture to go to the Reece's Rainbow page with his information. He seems like such a smart boy with so much potential!


  1. Oh he's so precious! We're already starting our journey back for HIV only :) Can't wait. These kids are so precious, my heart cannot forget them. If it werent for the holidays and a vote that didnt happen, we'd have our other girl home already... but alas, God just thought we needed to go back to Ukraine again :) Can't wait!!!

  2. Lots of folks are uninformed and afraid of those who are HIV+. A year ago, we were among the uninformed. When we started our adoption journey we never considered adopting an HIV+ child.
    If you recall, we sent you an email while still soul searching in Ukraine. We were considering 3 & 4 yr old sisters (one of which was HIV+). You took the time to share your experience and told us "you will be suprised to learn how much of a non-issue raising a child with HIV is".
    We have been home 8 months, and you are absolutely correct! Our little girl takes meds twice a day and visits her infectious disease doc every three months. Yes, there is still a social stigma attached to the disease and we anticipate some bumps down the road, but we have absolutely no regrets.
    I don't have a blog but want to help advocate for other HIV+ children. Can any of these children be hosted? I am sure there are other American families able to see that beyond this ugly "label" is a beautiful child without a family. Please email me privately if there is anyway I can help you or others "soul searching".
    Adopting our daughter(s) was not an easy decision but it was absolutely the right decision! We have been truly blessed.
    Thanks again for your support. Paula
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