Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This sweet little boy is Vaughn. Please excuse the girl shirt, he is a little boy. He recently lost his adoptive family. He has a $1995 grant toward his adoption. Click on his picture to go to his Reece's Rainbow page for more information on him. There are also other children with HIV available in his orphanage (any child with a 14 next to their name on the Reece's Rainbow HIV page could be adopted with Vaughn).


  1. Oh how this little one has stolen my heart!
    Kelly Selkirk-OH

  2. I saw him on the site and wanted to adopt him, but God has to change my husbands heart. We got a referral for Bulgaria, but if we adopt again I want to adopt an hiv baby:) will pray his forever family will find him soon. Thanks for posting

  3. I saw that he was back on the list again. So sad that the first family that committed to him was not able to go for him :(
    I would LOVE to go for this little and a hubby's heart....Thanks for advocating!!