Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sesame Place (and an update)

The weather was beautiful today, so we took the girls to Sesame Place. They were all set up for Halloween and the characters were even wearing their costumes.

Victoria loved it!!!! She was not scared of the characters at all and she loved the rides. I can tell she is going to be my little dare devil, which is completely opposite of Morgan. Maybe I will actually have someone to ride the Tower of Terror at Disney with me now (my favorite ride). She did have trouble understanding the waiting in line and having to get off the ride when it was over, but I think most 4 year olds do.

Now that we have been home almost 3 weeks, this is how things have been. Morgan is slowly adjusting to having a little sister around. Each day they play better and better together. Victoria's English is also improving every day. The only word she really still says in Russian is spasiba instead of thank you. She is eating great. She likes just about everything. She is a little picky with vegetables, but not too bad. Victoria is also sleeping really, really well. I only rock her for about 10-15 minutes before bed and then she asks to get in her bed. She seems to like her bed and doesn't have any problem sleeping in it by herself. I turn on some music for her and she is usually asleep within 5-10 minutes from when I lay her down. She goes to bed around 8:30 and sleeps until about 8:00am. I don't want to make it seem like everything is perfect, but it is really better than we expected. Of course we have our issues and we are all still adjusting, but overall things have been going great. As hard as it was to be away from home for 7 weeks, I really feel that time we spent there has helped our adjustment. Victoria got to know us on her "turf" where she was comfortable and learned that she could trust us before we left, so I think that has really helped.

We go see the pediatric infectious disease again tomorrow morning to get the results of all of Victoria's blood work and I think we might be starting medications from there. Other than that, Victoria is doing really well. Her visit with the regular pediatrician went well and they said she is very healthy. She is in the 97% for height and 75% for weight, which is really impressive after being in an orphanage for 4 years (and also only being just over 2lbs. at birth). I'll update after our visit tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from today -

Cookie Monster as a clown

Ernie and Bert as a scarecrow and a crow

Mommy doesn't do the teacups!

Skeleton Elmo




  1. Wow-she is so tall and healthy. I think a lot of people fear that HIV+ kids will be very 'sickly'. That's great she is eating and sleeping well. I wish I could meet your girls! (We live in CA). Looking forward to hearing about her specialist appt.

  2. I just love how she is holding on to all of the characters.Victoria and Morgan are beautiful and look like sisters too! I'm so happy for your family and glad to hear everything is going well.
    What's life without a few challenges anyway?!
    Kathy B.

  3. YAY!!!! I'm so glad things are going so well and that everyone is adjusting to each other! I think about you often!

  4. Very cute photos! I look forward to reading more about her journey as an American... and what medicines we have to help her. Was she not on any medication in Ukraine?