Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One week home

Tonight will mark one week since Victoria has been home. It has been an exciting week for all of us. The first two days were hard on me with the jet lag, but by Friday I was feeling good again. Victoria seems to be adjusting well and is picking up more and more English each day. She seems to understand almost everything we say, and she is working on the words she needs to communicate with us. Morgan is very patient with Victoria and is very excited to be a big sister. I pray that their relationship will continue to grow and that they will become not only sisters but great friends. It is definitely an adjustment for all of us and we are working through what it means to have a new little person in our home, but we are very happy and feel very blessed.

Victoria's appointment with the pediatric infectious disease doctor went very well. I really, really love this group! I can't say enough good things about them and they seemed equally as impressed with Victoria. She was such a trooper with all of the blood drawing and she just sat very calm and quite while they examed her from head to toe. We go back in 3 weeks to review the results of all the blood work and discuss what medications we will be starting. We will also be seeing the regular pediatrician on Thursday.

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday (I am putting together my adoption announcements).


  1. I love their outfits- they looks so wonderfully adorable together! I love the one of them reading together! It looks like they will be the best of friends. I cant wait to hear more about what the doctors think- Im definitly learning a lot through you!
    Victoria's eyes are just so gorgeous!

  2. Wow! I love to see a child saved! Her life is full of possibilities! God Bless your family!

  3. It is nice to see that everyone is adjusting well. I love all the pics!

  4. wow! those are some gorgous girls you have there! I love the one of them smiling together close up for an announcement. as in: Morgan would like to present her new sister, newly arrived from _______.

  5. Thank you for sharing these precious pictures with us! So good to hear that things went so well at the doctor's office. Keep us posted!

  6. Such adorable pictures!

    We thought of you yesterday when we walked through Shevchenko Park and saw the little ponies.

    Glad to hear you're all adjusting well! Blessings!

  7. The Lord sure did bless you with TWO beautiful daughters! Love the matching outfits and how they match the bedroom, too! Looks they are going to be best buddies for life... Way to go, Mom!

  8. What wonderful news! The girls look darling together. So glad it all worked out and we are looking forward to meeting Victoria!

    Cindi, Mike and kids

  9. Jaime,
    I couldn't be happier to read the update(s) tonight! God has truly blessed you & your family & following this adoption journey (what a walk of faith!) has been such a blessing. I can't wait to talk & catch up - once things settle down & you get into your new routine. Meanwhile, I continue to lift you in prayer & look forward to more good news & updates.

  10. Hey, thanks for stopping by our blog. Yes, we'd consider two unrelated girls, but we've been led to believe that it isn't a very common practice here anymore, particularly with younger kids. So we're just waiting to see what the SDA puts in front of us. Thanks for your prayers! Blessings!

  11. Congrats on your recent adoption - you have 2 very beautiful little girls.