Thursday, September 3, 2009

A very productive day

We started early this morning and didn't get back until about 6:30pm.

We got the birth certificate authenticated, got the tax ID number, went to the bank, started the passport process and best of all PICKED UP VICTORIA!!!!

We have her with us! She is doing pretty good. She is so curious and into everything! She did have a small melt down when we got to the apartment but after a bath seems to be okay.

Thank you all for the prayers. Things couldn't have gone better today. We should pick up the passport Monday afternoon or early Tuesday morning and then will be headed for her medical and to the embassy to start the waiver process for the visa! Keep the prayers coming. I would like to be out of here the weekend of Sept.12. We will also need prayers that the adjustment with Victoria goes well and that this next week goes fast. This apartment is small!!!


  1. Praise the lord, that is wonderful news!!! I hope everything else goes as smoothly as today!!! And best of all, you have Victoria with you!

  2. Congratulations! This is a very special day indeed!
    We adopted our daughter (then 2 years old) from this same orphanage in 2005. She has thrived since the day we picked her up. They take very good care of their children. Today she is a happy, spunky, funny, sweet and very loving American first-grader.

    If you have any photos of the building (inside or out) it would be great to see them. It was being remodeled when we were there. Good luck with everything, and congrats again!

    Laura (fellow blogger)

  3. Yay... you are close to HOME now! Best wishes!

  4. Great news, especially that Victoria is now physically part of the family. I hope and pray you will get home in time to celebrate your birthday.

  5. Excellent! All together as a family -- exactly as you should be. Enjoy the rest of your time in Ukraine with her. It will be so wonderful for her to have the opportunity to explore her country before you leave.

  6. Jaime,
    So happy to read that things are going well & hopefully you'll be home soon.
    Sending prayers & looking forward to talking when you're home.