Thursday, September 17, 2009

Victoria is an American!

We finally arrived home around 10pm Tuesday night after a long day of travel. Victoria only had a few minor melt downs on the plane, but other than that travelled well.

She has been slowly adjusting to her new home. She is sleeping pretty well. She is waking up a little earlier than I'd like, but at least she sleeps during the night. She was very scared of the dogs the first night, but now will not leave them alone. It is going to take some time for us all to get used to the new family dynamics, but we are happy and together!

Victoria has her first doctor's appointment this afternoon. I will update with how that went when I can.

I will also add some pictures soon, and a longer post about everything when I have more time.

I can't believe we are all finally together!!! It is such an answer to prayers.


  1. HORRAY! I was just looking at your timeline on the side, in less than a year you completed a foreign adoption, thats amazing and wonderful and surely in the hands of God. I am so happy that you are together as a family with two daughters, on American soil. I pray that she will adjust well, and easily and that everything will be wonderful in her (and your) new life!

  2. YAY!! I was waiting on this post! So happy you are all together again!

  3. thanks for the update! I've been checking in. Glad everything is going well, and Victoria is adjusting. Looking forward to seeing more pics!
    Leslie G

  4. Yay, Hosford Family! I am so happy you are together again! Welcome home, Victoria! We are so glad we got to meet you in Ukraine.

    Blessings, Paula

  5. Welcome home, Hosford Family! What a journey!