Thursday, September 10, 2009

Victoria's first trip to the zoo

It was a beautiful day in Kiev, so we took Victoria to the zoo.

She really liked looking at the animals, but she DID NOT like the petting zoo at all!!!! I think the animals were definitely better to her behind the safety of the fences. The ones in the petting zoo were much too close for comfort for her. She really, really liked the rides that they have (no different then her sister Morgan).

On waiver news - I got a phone call while we were at the zoo from the US Embassy that they had confirmation that the CDC had received our waiver. They expected to get the CDC's part back by late today or early tomorrow. I did not get another call, so I am assuming they will get it tomorrow. They said they will forward it to the USCIS in Moscow (the "local" office for Ukraine) as soon as they have it back from the CDC. I received an email from the USCIS that they would process our waiver as soon as they had it. So, so far so good. If the CDC gets their answer back to the Embassy tomorrow it should also get to the USCIS tomorrow. Please pray that everything goes quickly!!! I really would like to have our visa in hand Monday so I'm not stressing about missing our flight on Tuesday!
Here are a few pictures from today (I won't post any animal pictures since I did that in my earlier zoo post from when we took Morgan)


  1. What a cutie! We're praying that you get your visa and can come home quickly!

    Another question for you: can you give me estimates of what kids' clothes cost in Ukraine? We are headed there on the 19th to hopefully adopt 2 little ones, and I'm wondering what we should budget to buy them coats, shoes, etc.


  2. Wonderful pictures. Looks like she is adjusting well. Really good news about the visa waiver processing! Safe travels...thinking about you both.

  3. Glad she is getting to enjoy 'her city' before she leaves for HOME!