Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New departure date

Well, we changed our return tickets to Tuesday, Sept.15. I also purchased Victoria a ticket. Of course they only had business class available unless we wanted to wait until the end of next week, so although it is costing much more than I had hoped, Victoria will travel to the US in style!

Please say a prayer that we have Victoria's visa by Monday or early Tuesday at the latest. The few people that I have had contact with that went through the waiver process in Ukraine recently had their visas pretty quick. I hope the same is true for us. Sept. 15 will be 7 weeks from when I left home, so I am more than ready to get home! I really like it here, but I miss home and my family more than I like it here.

We are planning on taking Victoria to the zoo tomorrow, so stay tuned for pictures!

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