Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas cards sent

I finally sent my Christmas cards! I am usually one of those people that mails them out the first few days of December, so I feel like I'm running behind this year. I usually have Morgan's pictures done professionally and send out really nice cards. This year I cut it back a little. The cards are still nice, but I decided to just take the pictures myself. Victoria is so shy around strangers still that I thought I would be wasting my money to try and get their pictures done. I will wait a few months and then take them.

We went to Longwood Gardens a couple weekends ago and I am using some pictures from that day for the cards. There were a lot that I liked, but these are the ones I used for the cards.
** People tell me a lot that the girls look alike. I noticed in these pictures that they even act alike - notice their hands in some of the pictures. I never told them to hold their hands, but they both do exactly the same thing.


  1. Well done- your girls are so gorgeous. I love thier outfits! (And Im always jealous of Morgan's part in her hair- its so naturally wonderful! As you might have noticed on my blog, Im a huge fan of hairbows- was on quite the search for them. So I always love seeing Morgan's)

  2. My favorite is the one with the black coats where they are looking back at you. Stunning! Do they like dressing alike? So cute!

  3. Brooke - I love bows too! Unfortunately Morgan does not anymore. She will tolerate them when I tell her she has too. Victoria is okay with them. You should have seen the crazy hair-dos and bows the ladies at the orphanage always had on her.

    Bethany - I have only dressed them alike twice so far. Once for the adoption announement pictures where they had the same shirt, but in different colors and then now for Christmas pictures. I'm not sure if they don't notice or don't care, but they haven't said anything about it. My mom always dressed me and my sisters the same for holiday pictures, so now my girls will have to suffer through it too-lol. We'll see how long it takes before I get complaints.

  4. Ok. seriously your girls are the cutest!! I love the matching outfits and headbands. So pretty!! You are so blessed :)