Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas (and catching up a bit)

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!
We had a wonderful day. Victoria loved her first Christmas and was so excited all day. She wasn't too thrilled when we came in at 7:30am to wake her up (Morgan couldn't wait any more), but once she saw the gifts she was okay. When I was putting her to bed last night I asked her if she had a nice day and she said she was happy that all the people were here and about all the presents. She asked as I was closing the door - Mom, Santa comin more? I think she wanted to wake up again today and have more presents. I told her she would have to wait until next year, but I know she doesn't understand that.

Victoria also loved her first snow fall here in America. The girls had a lot of fun playing outside. We also baked cookies, had hot chocolate, made a gingerbread house, etc. We've really had a wonderful week.

Baking cookies the morning it was snowing with my Mom and youngest sister who is home from college for the holidays

Our pathetic little gingerbread house (that colapsed about 2 minutes later)

Playing in the snow in the front yard

Sledding down the hill Daddy made in the front yard (perfect size for 4 and 6 year olds)

Their snow man

The girls' Christmas tree (decorated almost 100% by themselves)
Our little blue and silver tree (it looked bigger in the field)
Our gigantic red and gold tree (it looked much smaller in the field - LOL) There is an angel on the top, but she is up in the stairway opening so you can't see her (good thing we have another set of steps to get upstairs)
Christmas Eve before church
Christmas morning


  1. Jaimie...This just brings tears of joy to my eyes! Remembering the first time we laid our eyes on Victoria...and seeing her now just blesses our hearts! What beautiful sisters!!

    Love, Paula

  2. As always, good pictures! Looking at the ones of Victoria, I picture Isabel in a couple years. They sort of look alike! Blessings to your family!