Friday, November 13, 2009

Doing better

It seems the prednisone is doing it's job and Victoria is looking much better today. None of the rash has gone away yet, but there isn't any more either. It is also much less red and swollen looking than it was yesterday. It was actually starting to look like it was going to blister, but doesn't look like that anymore. Her face especially is much better.

Here are a few pictures I took this morning (and this is probably about 50% better than it looked yesterday)


  1. Goodness! Does it itch or anything? I sure hope they can find something that works for her. Praying for her and you!

  2. That looks so painful. Poor baby girl. Praying for quick healing.

  3. I saw the thumbnail and didnt know if I should open it. I shouldnt have- my eyes are filled with tears. Poor girl :( Ugh, I cant imagine what it looked like yesterday- I see this and wonder if Im cut out for parenthood, this just breaks my heart to see!
    I continue to pray for sweet Victoria and hope that something will work out for her (easily!)

  4. Poor little girl! At least she's not TOO uncomfortable. Hope it clears up quickly.