Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My poor, sweet little girl

What a day.

It started off with me trying to give Victoria her medicine. I crushed the one pill and put it into a few spoonfuls of chocolate pudding and opened the two capsules and put them into another bowl of pudding. I started with the bowl with just the one pill and she fought me the whole time. It took well over 1/2 hour of screaming, crying, gagging, dry heaving, etc. to get just the few spoonfuls down. When that was over I looked at the second bowl and almost wanted to cry. I didn't know how I was going to get her to eat that bowl. So, I took out two of the capsules (of the same medicine that was in the second bowl) and put them in front of her with a cup of milk. I told her if she could swallow them she wouldn't have to eat any more yuckies. Well, didn't she pick up the first capsule, take a big drink of milk - gone. Second capsule, big drink of milk - gone! I couldn't believe it. To think I traumatized her over nothing. So, tomorrow morning we will be trying the pills again with a cup of milk. The pill might be a little harder to swallow than the capsules, so I may have to cut it into smaller pieces, but if she can swallow it our mornings will be so much easier.

Then, she seemed much better during the morning than yesterday. We went to get her H1N1 shot and she did great (I did cheat and put some EMLA cream on her arm before we went so it wouldn't hurt so much). We came home, ate lunch, her and Morgan played - everything seemed good.

At 2:30pm she had her dentist appt. This poor, scared little girl layed in that chair and had 5 cavities filled without so much as a few little moans. She is amazing!!! I could tell she was worked up because she was breathing heavy and her heart was beating a little fast, but she took it like a trooper.

Because she did so good I told her we could stop at Target and get her a new My Little Pony. Well, as we were walking toward the check out she threw up all over the floor! I could tell people were looking at me like she must have some kind of awful, deadly virus (well, I guess technically she does - but you know what I mean) and that I must be a terrible Mom for taking my child out while she was sick. I don't know if she threw up as a side effect from her meds or from everything else she had done today. It was after 3:30pm, so I really don't think it was the meds. I don't know. She was better again after she threw up and ate all of her dinner fine. Well, she didn't eat much steak because it hurt to chew, but she ate all her broccoli and a few helpings of mashed potatoes. I called from work to check in and she was singing in the background while I was talking to Joe. He said she was happy and playing, but did say her teeth hurt a little - gee, you think?

Tomorrow we just get to be home and relax, so we'll see how she does. She is exhausted and needs a good day to rest up. Hopefully we won't have any throwing up tomorrow. It is so hard to explain to her that she has to take her medicine so she won't get sick, but in her mind the medicine is making her sick. How do you explain that to a 4 year old.

And, after all that - after putting her through all that - she still hugged me tight, told me she loved me and was upset when I was leaving for work this evening. This little girl is so, so amazing!


  1. These posts are breaking my heart! What a trooper she is! She is braver than me! I wont even GO to the dentist (havent been in 5 years- yuck!) If a 4 year old can do it, maybe I can ;) I am just so impressed at how brave she is! Im just sorry shes getting sick :( Continuing the prayers that sweet Victoria feels better soon!

  2. Oh Jaime, what a rough couple of days you've had. How amazing that she just swallowed those capsules - I hope that tomorrow morning goes better and no throwing up! She's such a little fighter - she'll figure it out.

  3. Poor dear! Too much for her to have to deal with all at once. Great news that she can swallow the pills though. I REALLY hope things get easier soon and she adjusts to the meds within the next few days.

  4. Hi, I have been reading your blog since you started it and want to say what a great family you have! As for the meds, my 3 year old son can swallow his pills pretty easily. I've heard of people practicing with small candies, etc. We never had to try that route but I hear it works. Also, are her meds available in liquid? That might help. Best of luck!