Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trying new things

Well, it seems like the pill swallowing is working. Victoria doesn't love it, but she does get them down. It sometimes takes her a few tries, but it is still much better than when I was mixing them with things. The capsules are easier for her, so I am also crushing the 1/2 pill and pouring the powder into empty capsules for her to swallow.

The side effects are still pretty bad. She didn't throw up Thurs, Fri, Sat or Sun. but then did again yesterday. Nothing today, so hopefully it means she is adjusting. The other thing that has been bad is that usually about a few hours after she takes her meds she gets extremely tired. And I mean like can't even move tired. Of course I am letting her take a nap, but if she were in school there would be no way she could function. She is usually better after her nap and okay until bed time.

What we are going to try is giving the meds at dinner time instead of breakfast. This way hopefully she will get to her very tired, sick feeling time right around bed time. Then if she can sleep it off during the night and wake up feeling better hopefully she can have better days. I'm really praying this will work because the poor thing has not been herself for the last week. Since the pill swallowing is going pretty good, I think if we can get the side effects under control Victoria will be much better.

On another, happier note - Victoria went to her first tumbling class at the gym where Morgan cheers on Monday evening and she loved it!!! I'm a bad Mom and didn't have my camera, but I'll try to remember next week so I can take some pictures. She watches Morgan at cheerleading practice and has been asking me if she could do cheerleading. I don't think she is ready for competition cheerleading yet (maybe next year), but the tumbling class is something she can do. Victoria and Morgan are doing it together with a few other little girls, and she really seems to like being with the other kids.


  1. I'm really sorry things have been so difficult with the meds. It'll get better. Praying that it will get better soon. :) I'm glad she's liking tumbling!

  2. Sounds like the night time meds routine should work out much better. I hope she is adjusting well into family life.