Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Court date

We finally found out today that our court date will be next Wednesday, August 19. This is just in time for Joe and Morgan to make their flight out on the 20th!

I don't think I will be able to come home as scheduled on Sept. 10th though. If court goes as scheduled our 10 day wait will be over on the 30th. Usually you can pick your court decree up on the 11th day. However, our 11th day will be the 31st which is a Sunday. It wouldn't be too bad if we were in another region because we could just pick it up on Monday, but in Kiev you can only pick up court decrees on Wed. and Fri. afternoons. So, it looks like we will have to wait until Wed. Sept. 3. We can't get the new birth certificate and passport started until we have the court decree and I'm not sure how long passports take to get in Kiev, but it is probably longer than everywhere else. Once we have all of that I can start the embassy stuff (medicals and visa) which will take at least a week because of the I-601 waiver. I also have to factor in Labor Day when the US Embassy will be closed.

Hopefully I won't be home too much after my scheduled return. I guess I probably won't really know until after the 10 day wait. For now, things are going well with Victoria and we have a court date, so all is good!


  1. FYI, typically you can have your attorney request that the ten days be waived due to the waiver issue. This way you can start processing your waiver a lot quicker. Some regions allow it and others don't. It also depends on the judge. It's worth a try though. You have to ask for it while you're in court I believe towards the end of the hearing but before the judge goes to think process everything and prior to her decree. Let me know how it goes.

  2. Hi Jaime
    You left me a message on the RR group site. I am not old enough yet to adopt(Im 22), but I am planning for the future.I am thinking about adopting an HIV positive child(Im thinking 0-3 girl) as a single woman once I turn 25. Do you know if this is allowed because of the child's medical condition? Also I tried looking on for just general info on day to day life, info on doctors visits, the diff. stages of HIV etc but couldn't find any info. Could you point me in the right direction?Thank you so very much. And mazel tov on your new daughter.I can't wait to see a picture of her :)

  3. To the poster above (I think it is Kelly?),

    Unfortunately Ukraine does not allow singles to adopt, even if the child is special needs. There are other countries though that do allow singles, Russia comes to mind but there are others. You can click on the positively orphaned website link on the side of my blog (red ribbon) for a lot of wonderful information.

    As far as doctors visits go - for us we will probably have a lot right in the beginning as they evaluate Victoria, but then usually it is every three months for blood work. They will monitor the child's medications (if they are on any yet) and viral levels. They try to keep on top of it so that they can change medications as needed. The stages of HIV are not really something that is used here in the US. The goal with proper medication is to keep the viral load undetectable and the immune system functioning normally. The stages relate to what secondary symptoms the person has related to the HIV.

    If you have more specific questions, feel free to email me


  4. Hi Jaime
    Yes its Kelly lol , I thought that I put my name sorry!Thank you for the info, it is very helpful and lets me see that HIV isn't as horrible as I thought that it was in concern to doctors visits/medications etc.When it gets closer to when I am old enough to adopt I'm sure I'll be emailing you. Thanks again!

  5. So glad all is going well, and you have your court scheduled!