Sunday, August 30, 2009

The 10 day wait is over

Yesterday was day 10 of our wait, so our court decree officially goes into effect today. We can't pick up the decree until Wednesday afternoon, but it still feels good to be able to say the wait is over. I guess this means Victoria is officially our daughter (although she has been to us since the day we met her). We will start the running around for the last leg of paperwork on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning, depending on what time we have the court decree in our hands. We most likely will be taking Victoria out of the orphanage on Monday, Sept.7th. I'll let you know for sure when we know.

Victoria is doing well. She is really picking up a lot of English words. She likes me to sing the ABCs and already knows up to G by herself, then she chimes in with a few random letters here and there. I am very impressed. She knows that she is going in an airplane and points up to the sky when one goes over head.

I am going to post a few random pictures from the last week or so.

Our first family photo - taken in the afternoon of court. It's not the best, but we're all together!

Victoria and MomMom

My Mom and I had a sightseeing day earlier in the week. We went to St. Sophia's, St. Michael's and St. Andrew's Cathedrals as well as did some shopping. This is St. Andrew's.
We visited an open air museum the other day. It is a very large outdoor area set up with villages that represent the history of different regions of Ukraine. It was very interesting and I'm glad we got to see it. Here are a few pictures.


  1. Congratulations! She is beautiful and so are you! This is a really big thing. I don't think I really understood how big until it was all over and I look at this girl in my house and she IS my daughter!

  2. She is an absolute doll! Congratulations again!

  3. I'm so happy for your family. I can't wait until you get back with your new daughter. I'd like to meet her when things settle down. Everyone here asks about you and sends their best wishes. Ginny put up a little announcement with Victoria's picture and everyone is so glad that it has all worked out for you. Many happy thoughts and prayers from Virtua.
    Kathy B.

  4. YAY!!!! I'm praying you get to come home next week!!!!! We made it to the USA in one piece but your trip will be SOOO much better since Victoria is older and you can explain things better to her. I hope we can meet up in the future!

  5. Great pictures! My favorties are you as a family and the one with your Mom.

  6. Congratulations!! What a beautiful little girl!!!

    We adopted our daughter from Berizka Orphanage in 2004! I was so happy to see another child from Berizka given a fresh start at life!! There were so many beautiful children waiting for homes when we were there....and I never see this orphanage mentioned in any blogs.

    Very Best Wishes!!!

  7. Yeah! Thanks for posting pictures. What a beautiful family. Are the girls the same age? Can't wait until you can go pick her up. I know it's a long time in-country, but I think it's so cool that she has been getting to know you, so hopefully she won't be too scared when she leaves with you. Sometimes I think how traumatic that must be for kids, but fortunately she'll already be comfortable with you when she walks out those doors for the last time.