Monday, August 3, 2009

A little more accomplished

Just a quick post to let you all know that things are continuing to go well. Our visits with Victoria are great. She opens up more each day.

We only got to go on our afternoon visit today because we spent the morning running around to the notary, the inspectors office, etc. So, progress is being made in all of the right directions.

We stopped this evening to pick up a few more toys and things to take with us on our visits. I'm sure Victoria will have fun with them. She is very smart and figures things out very quickly. She loves my camera!

We found out today that the other little girl we were interested in is not available. Her parents rights have not been terminated yet. It is sad because they probably will be at some point, but she will probably never get adopted.

So, it looks like we will be coming home with only one. That is okay though because I think Victoria will need a lot of one on one attention, so it will be good for her.

I'll update as I have news!


  1. Hi, we're also in the process of adopting a little girl who is HIV+. I also work for an NGO that advocates for and assists families adopting HIV+ children with red tape and immigration issues. My email is Please let me know if you all need any help with the I-601 Waiver Form and the new CDC requirements that changed in Ukraine as of July 1st. We'll do whatever we can to help you all.

  2. Jaime,
    I hope we can get together when I'm back in Kyiv. Hoping it will be late next week. I'm just so happy for you! God led you to your daughter : )

  3. Hi Guys,
    We just got back from my parents' so I'm just now getting all this good news at once. It's overwhelming & so exciting...of course I'm all tears reading this! It sounds like Victoria was meant for you the way everything happened. She sounds amazing! Good luck; hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on out.
    Michelle & John

  4. How wonderful! I'm so happy she's getting used to spending time with you. Can't wait to hear more.