Sunday, August 9, 2009

Much better afternoon

Just wanted to let you know that our afternoon visit with Victoria went much, much better than the morning. Again, we expect a wide range of emotions and behaviors, so we try not to go with any expectations of how the visit will go. After this morning I wasn't sure, but we were pleasantly surprised at how pleasant and sweet she was. So, we had a lovely afternoon.

After our visit we went to a place called Arizona BBQ for dinner. It was pretty good. It is not too far from our apartment, but it is down the hill from where we are staying (when I say down the hill-I mean a really, really big hill). There is a thing called the funicular that takes you up the hill. Well, we walked from the restaurant to the funicular to ride it up (it isn't a far walk to our apartment once you get off at the top) and it was broken down!! So, we walked up what felt like at least 1,000 steps to get to the top of the hill! Morgan was such a trooper and didn't complain once - she was even cheering on Joe and I. The Ukrainian's must have been cracking up at us fat out of shape Americans as the women were all traversing the steps with no problem in their 4 inch high heels. Thank goodness it wasn't hot out!!!

Anyway, we made it home a little out of breath but other wise okay. I am headed to bed now - I'll be sure to update if we hear anything about court.


  1. I'm really glad to hear your afternoon went well. Everything is still going good at home and all the animals say hello :) Talk to you soon. Love you and miss you all!!!


  2. I'm glad things are going well for you all! We stayed on the 'hill' our first stay in Kiev. Beautiful part of the city! And on the way to the funicular there's a great pizza place with Wifi we spent a lot of time at LOL. Praying for your court date!

  3. Just discovered your blog!! What is the name of the Orphanage? Sounds like it may be the same Orphanage we adopted from 5 years ago! Best Wishes!!!!